Friday, October 19th was a rainy and cold night for Greyhound football. The Hounds travelled to Corning to take on the Bobcats in horrible weather conditions. The grass field was soggy and muddy due to the constant drizzle and intermittent rain. The Hounds defeated the Bobcats 53-0 in one of the shortest football games in my memory.

The Hounds scored five touchdowns in the first quarter of the game. # 2 Tharon Davis rushed 65 yards for the first touchdown of the night. Next up, # 4 Monquell Cox ran 33 yards for the second touchdown. # 44 Joe Broadus rejoined the team for the first game this season after a Spring injury, which required surgery. It did not take long for Broadus to pick up where he left off and push in for a touchdown. Cox added another 28 yards to his stats and scored, pushing the Greyhounds to 28-0. # 19 Rolondo Noguez successfully added the extra point after each touchdown. Davis ended the quarter with a touchdown pass from # 16 Cash Forrester.

The Hounds were up 34-0 at the beginning of the second quarter. # 20 JT Haynes scored a touchdown on a nine yard rush followed by a Noguez PAT. Noguez made 5 of 6 extra point attempts. At that point the score soared to 41-0 and the continuous clock began. Cox scored another touchdown in the quarter to make the score at halftime 47-0. # 32 Julius Pruitt scored the only touchdown in third quarter ending the score progression at 53-0. The Hounds finished the game with no additional score.

            Offensively, the team had 17 first downs, 19 rushes for 273 yards, completed 4/6 passes for 62 yards. Rushing leaders Include # 4 Monquell Cox with three rushes for 65 yards and three touchdowns, # 2 Tharon Davis with a 65 yard run and one touchdown, # 44 Joe Broadus with seven rushes for 55 yards, # 5  Clemmie Alcorn with one rush for 39 yards and # 21 Julius Clark with one rush for 28 yards. Receiving leaders include # 2 Davis reception for 31 yards, # 21 Clark reception for 15 yards and # 5 Alcorn for 12 yards. Year to date, Forrester has 1531 total yards ( 8 rushing, 1523 passing), Davis has 1178 yards (876 rushing, 302 receiving), Cox has 927 yards (829 rushing, 98 receiving), Alcorn has 538 yards (366 rushing, 232 receiving) and Clark has 493 yards ( 38 rushing, 455 receiving).

The Mighty Greyhounds have scored 315 total points, an average 39 points per game. Between 1887 yards rushing and 1496 yards passing, the Hounds have accumulated 3383 yards this season.

            Defensively, the Mad Dogs made 37 tackles against Corning (400 for the year). Leaders include # 21 Julius Clark with four tackles ( defensive leader with 63 for the year), # 3 James Dixon and # 32 Julius Pruitt made three tackles each. # 5 Clemmie Alcorn made three tackles and an assist ( year total 52) and # 15 J’Lohn Gist had two tackles and an assist. # 6 Andrew Pitts, # 52 Craig Falwell, and # 62 Justin Simmons each had two tackles. Other defensive leaders for the year include

# 51 Watkins (33 for the year), # 55 Alex Emery (29 for the year), and #  70 Dalton Phillips (28 for the year).