The Friday Night Lights were bright with anticipation as the Hounds made their way into Mohawk territory. The game was highly anticipated as the battle of the week. The night was perfect for Greyhound Football and the magic of the orange helmet. The Hounds travelled to Piggott on Friday, October 26th to prove to the Mohawks once and for all what the 2018 Greyhounds were made of. The threat of the offensive speed was enforced by the strength of the offensive line and the ability of Quarterback Cash Forrester to “thread the needle.” Offense was not the only weapon in the Greyhound arsenal. The Mad Dog defense led by Head Coach Mark Hindsley held the Mohawks to a single touchdown and shut down the clock eating Mohawk offense. The weather was chilly with a little bite to the wind. The Hounds were more than ready to take their revenge on the Mohawks and left no doubt as to which team would finish the game victorious. Most importantly, the Hounds played with character and integrity. The opposing fans commented to many Newport visitors that the team was one of a kind and showed tremendous sportsmanship.

            The Hounds took the led early. Cash Forrester scored the first touchdown, followed by a 16 yard rushing touchdown by Tharon Davis. JT Haynes wrapped up the quarter on a 36 yard receiving touchdown from Forrester. Each Greyhound touchdown was followed by a successful PAT by Rolondo Noquez. The score at the end of the first quarter was 21-0.

            Clemmie Alcorn scored the first touchdown of the second quarter catching a  46 yard pass from Forrester. Piggott scored their only touchdown of the game and two-point conversion. The score at halftime was 28-8.

            The third quarter came and went without a touchdown by either team. Monquell Cox scored the final touchdown of the game on a 21 yard pass from Forrester. As expected, the PAT was good. Noguez rarely fails on his mission to add the extra point for his teammates. He went 5/5 for the game. The final score was 35-8. Hounds Win!

            Statistically, Newport had 23 first downs, rushed 38 times for a total of 207 yards, completed nine receptions for 189 yards, completed 9 of 23 passes, made 45 tackles and controlled 22:42 of the clock.

            Rushing leaders included # 2 Tharon Davis with 16 rushes for 133 yards and a touchdown, # 4 Monquell Cox with 16 rushes for 70 yards, and # 44 Joe Broadus with three carries for seven yards. # 16 Cash Forrester went 9 of 23 for 189 yards and three touchdowns. Receiving leaders were # 5 Clemmie Alcorn with three receptions for 80 yards (1 touchdown), # 20 JT Haynes with one receptions for 36 yards (1 touchdown), # 2 Davis with two receptions for 30 yards, # 8 Chris Reynolds with two receptions for 22 yards and # 4 Cox with one receptions for 21 yards (1 touchdown).

            Defensive leaders included # 32 Julius Pruitt with nine tackles and # 70 Dalton Phillips with five tackles. Following close behind was # 55 Alex Emery, # 5 Alcorn and # 2 Davis with four tackles and an assist each. # 52 Zane Watkins made four tackles to round off the leader board.

            Statistically, Cash Forrester has 4,051 career yards and 46 touchdowns. Julius Pruitt has made 211 career tackles. Tharon Davis has accumulated 1,009 rushing yards this season and Monquell Cox 1,019 total.

            Year-to-date offensive leaders include Forrester with 1,717 total yards, Davis with 1,341, Cox with 1,018, Alcorn with 618 and Julius Clark with 493.  

            Year-to-date defensive leaders include Julius Pruitt with 73 tackles, followed by Clemmie Alcorn (58), Zane Watkins (37), Alex Emery (34) and Dalton Phillips (34).

            Tomorrow night the Hounds host longtime rival Osceola. The game is the battle for the 2018 Conference Championship. Everyone is encouraged to attend and show community support for this great group of Hounds!