Rarely has a game taken on the personality of the 2018 Greyhounds vs. Osceola Showdown. Friday, November 2nd, the Hounds hosted the Seminoles for the Conference Championship, as well as the Newport Greyhound Senior Night. The Seniors were recognized pre-game without cooperation from the weather. The night began particularly nasty, rainy and cold. As the rain diminished, the teams took the field for a battle that traces back decades. The Seminoles took home the victory and Conference Title, but not without a startling realization that this Greyhound team may be a future obstacle in the playoffs. The Hounds put up a fight that Osceola will not soon forget.     

            The Seminoles jumped ahead quickly within the first quarter, 7-0 Seminoles. Within the second quarter the Seminoles scored another two touchdowns and a PAT without an answer from the Greyhounds. The Hounds fought on the line to secure a two point safety. The score at halftime was 21-2 Seminoles.

The third quarter was when the true battle took place. The Seminoles came out hot and raised the score another 14 points to 35-2, but the Hounds never gave up. At this point, the game resembled a pendulum, swinging back and forth.  # 4 Monquell Cox scored a rushing touchdown, 35-8. The Seminoles answered with another touchdown, 41-8. Next up, Newport Jadarius Reed scored on a 16 yard pass from # 16 Forrester with a PAT from Noguez, 42-15. The Seminoles returned a kickoff for a touchdown, followed by # 20 JT Haynes touchdown on a 54 yard pass from Forrester and Noguez PAT, 48-22. Osceola answered with seven points, followed by a 30 yard carry by Cox, ending the quarter 55-30. The Hounds refused to go down without a fight both offensively and defensively.  

Cox scored on a 22 yard pass touchdown from Forrester early in the fourth quarter, followed by a secure Noguez PAT. The Seminoles scored their final touchdown of the game with a PAT, 62-37. The Hounds refused to give the Seminoles the final touchdown of the game. Cox scored the final Hound touchdown and two point conversion. The game ended Seminoles 62, Hounds 45.

            Offensively, the Greyhounds made 27 first downs and controlled 27:31 of the clock compared to the Seminole 24 first downs and 26:17 of time. Rushing leaders include # 4 Monquell Cox with 26 carries for 140 yards and two touchdowns, # 16 Cash Forrester with three carries for 10 yards and a touchdown, and # 5 Clemmie Alcorn with one carry for four yards. Receiving leaders included # 20 JT Haynes (three receptions for 106 yards and two touchdowns), # 9 Zaywin Smith (three catches for 61 yards), # 5 Alcorn (four receptions for 42 yards), # 4 Cox (two catches for 26 yards), # 8 Chris Reynolds (two receptions for 18 yards), # 28 Jadarius Reed (one catch for 16 yards) and # 21 Julius Clark (one reception for 10 yards). Rolonda Noguez went 3 for 3 for the Point After Touchdown. Kickoff Return leaders were Alcorn with four returns for 94 yards, and Haynes with a 14 yard return.

Defensive leaders include # 3 James Dixon (seven tackles), # 32 Julius Pruitt (six tackles) and # 44 Joe Broadus (five tackles). # 51 Zane Watkins and # 70 Dalton Phillips each made four tackles, an assist and a sack. # 10 Spencer Murphy and # 55 Alex Emery both made four tackles.

Year-end totals include the Hounds accumulating 4,548 offensive yards (59% rushing and 41 % percent passing). Of the 4,548 yards, 2,518 are rushing yards and

2,030 total passing yards. Offensive Leaders were Cash Forrester (2010 yards), Tharon Davis (1344 yards), Monquell Cox (1184 yards), Clemmie Alcorn (664 yards) and Julius Clark (503 yards). Defensive leaders were Julius Pruitt (79 tackles), Clemmie Alcorn (62 tackles), Zane Watkins (43 tackles), Dalton Phillips (40 tackles), and Alex Emery (39 tackles). Quarterback Cash Forrester ended his high school regular season career with 50 touchdown passes (21 in 2018) and is five yards short of 2,000 passing yards on the season. Two Running Backs, Monquell Cox and Tharon Davis had over 1,000 yards rushing. Eight different Wide Receivers have a touchdown reception and eight different players made at least one sack.  

            The Hounds host Centerpoint tomorrow night for the first round of the 2018 Playoffs. Make plans to attend. Game time 7 pm at Greyhounds Field.