Legendary Greyhound Field was a buzz on Friday, November 9th as the Mighty Greyhounds hosted the Centerpoint Knights in the first round of the 3A State Playoffs. The Hounds defeated the Knights 35-0 to advance to the second round tomorrow night. The evening was chilly with a wind out of the north causing the temperature to feel much cooler than the temperature reflected. The fans were bundled up, but were ready to cheer on the Hounds.

            One touchdown was scored during the first quarter by # 4 Monquell Cox on an 85 yard rush and a PAT by # 19 Rolondo Noguez. Score at the end of the first quarter 7-0. The second quarter mirrored the first quarter with a rushing touchdown by # 2 Tharon Davis and PAT by Noguez. The score at Halftime 14-0.

            After halftime, the third quarter came and went without a score. As was the norm of the first half, the referees monopolized most of the action. The flow of the game was disrupted severely by the 18 penalties totaling 172 yards between the two teams throughout the game. Both sets of fans spent more time yelling at the referees than in support of the teams.

            # 5 Clemmie Alcorn scored twice in the fourth quarter, first on a eight yard rushing touchdown and the second on a three yard pass from Forrester. # 9 Zaywin Smith scored on a 20 yard pass from Forrester, score 28-0. Davis scored the final Greyhound touchdown on a 47 yard run, followed by a Noguez PAT. 

            Statistically, the Greyhounds had 24 first downs compared to the Knights 11. The Hounds accumulated 188 rushing yards, 360 receiving yards, and completed 20 of 33 passes. Rushing leaders include Tharon Davis (seven for 92 yards and two touchdowns),  Monquell Cox (six for 83 yards and one touchdown), Cash Forrester (two for seven yards) and Clemmie Alcorn (three for six yards and one touchdown).

Passing leader was Cash Forrester 28/35 for 360 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Receiving leaders include JT Haynes (five receptions for 117 yards), Clemmie Alcorn (eight for 100 yards), # 21 Julius Clark (five for 68 yards), Zaywin Smith (four for 34 yards and a touchdown), Monquell Cox (four for 24 yards) and # 28 Jadarius Reed (two for 17 yards). Rolondo Noguez went 3 for 3 PAT.

            The Mad Dog defense was responsible for 43 tackles. Defensive leaders include # 32 Julius Pruitt (10 tackles), Clemmie Alcorn (five tackles, one sack, and interception), # 51 Zane Watkins (five tackles and an assist) and Tharon Davis (four tackles).

            The Hounds host the McGehee Owls for the 2nd round of the 3A Playoffs. Game time 7 pm. Make plans to attend!