That’s a Wrap! The Newport Greyhounds had an amazing season! The Hounds hosted the McGhee Owls on Friday, November 16th for the 2nd Round of the 3A State Playoffs. Although the Greyhounds came up short 42-21, the Mighty Hounds fought a great fight! Football has a rich history in Newport. If the seniors reflect over the years of football, surely the memories include toddler size jerseys with favorite player numbers, the first time they attended Pee Wee equipment handout, the move from 6th grade to Jr. High Greypups, the first Spring practice as a sophomore, the first hit as a member of the scout team, and the first time, as well as the last, game played under the Friday Night Lights of Greyhound Field.

Numerous questions come to mind when thinking of those reflections. Did they understand the impact the magic of the orange helmet and football would have on the man they are meant to be? Do they understand the purpose of Coach Reynolds making them adjust the locker in one particular fashion and emphasizing “the little things” ? Do they value the lesson of Coach Hindsley, “Doing Your Job”? Do they understand the sacrifices of the community who support them and make sure their needs are met? Odds are they do!

Character. Discipline. Work Ethic. Brotherhood. Newport Football is not just about the game. 2018 Greyhound team will lose over 10 seniors. Seniors who helped direct and guide the underclassmen, pushed them past the limits set for themselves and added more magic to the orange helmet. Being a Greyhound sets them apart in this world into a brotherhood. One that crosses social, racial and economic boundaries forced on them by the outside world. What does Newport want for these young men? Go into the world and be great! Make a difference!  You will forever be a Hound!

For the 2018 season, statistics record Cash Forrester as Leading Passer (185 of 306 completions, 2,624 yards, 25 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions). Julius Clark is Leading Receiver (38 receptions, 581 yards, and 5 touchdowns). Leading Rusher is Monquell Cox (164 carries for 1,189 yards and 15 touchdowns). Julius Pruitt is Leading Tackler (96 tackles, including 1 sack).

Individual year-end Greyhound Individual Stats include:

Offense (Passing Leaders)
1) Cash Forrester: 185/306 for 2,624 yards 25-TD's 6-INT
2) Gavin Tarwater: 4/4 for 35 yards, 1-TD, 0-INT
TOTAL: 189/341 for 2,659 yards 26 -D's 6-INT

Offense (Receiving Leaders)
1) Julius Clark: 38 receptions for 581 yards 5-TD's
2) Clemmie Alcorn: 37 receptions for 578 yards 5-TD's
3) JT Haynes: 28 receptions for 497 yards 3-TD's
4) Tharon Davis: 21 receptions for 348 yards 5-TD's
5) Zaywin Smith: 31 receptions for 315 yards 2-TD's
6) Monquesll Cox: 16 receptions for 169 yards 3-TD's
7) Chris Reynolds: 12 receptions for 126 yards 2-TD's
TOTAL: 189 receptions for 2,659 26-TD's

Offense (Rushing Leaders)
1) Monquell Cox: 163 rushes for 1,189 yards 15-TD's
2) Tharon Davis: 107 rushes for 1,152 yards 16-TD's
3) Clemmie Alcorn: 38 rushes for 316 yards 4-TD

4) Joe Broadus: 11 rushes for 62 yards 1-TD
TOTALS: 352 rushes for 2,613 yards 45-TD's

TOTAL OFFENSE (rushing and receiving) 5,272 yards 71-TD's

Defense Leaders (Tackles, sacks, interceptions)
1) Julius Pruitt: 95 tackles (1) sack= 96
2) Clemmie Alcorn: 68 tackles (5) sacks= 73
3) Zane Waitkins: 49 tackles (2) sacks= 51
4) Alex Emery: 40 tackles (3) sacks= 43
5) Dalton Phillips: 36 tackles (4) sacks= 40
6) Tharon Davis: 36 tackles
7) Monquell Cox: 34 tackles and 1-INT
8.) James Dixon: 33 tackles and 1-INT

9) JT Haynes: 32 tackles and 1-INT
10) Spencer Murphy: 32 tackles
11) Julius Clark: 27 tackles and 2-INT
12) Justin Simmons: 17 tackles and 1 sack= 18
13) Spencer Mullinax: 12 tackles and 4 sacks= 16
14) Chris Reynolds: 12 tackles and 1-INT
15) Craig Falwell: 10 tackles (1) sack= 11
16) J'Lohn Gist: 10 tackles
TOTALS: 597 tackles, (23) sacks=620 total tackles, 6 interceptions