The Tuckerman Lady Bulldogs hosted the Newport Lady Greyhounds for a conference matchup and the Battle of the Bone on March 26th. The Lady Bulldogs were the winner of the Bone this year with a 16-1 victory over the Lady Greyhounds. The Tuckerman Lady Bulldogs currently have an 8-8 record and are 1-3 in conference play.  The Lady Hounds are 3-7 on the season and 0-4 in conference play.

Tuckerman jumped out ahead in the first inning with 5 hits scoring 6 runs. Jordyn Lane, Kaitlyn Peavy, Loren Young, and Emily Owens each had a double.  Madison Strayhorn for Newport also doubled in the first inning.   The Lady Dogs would continue the offensive momentum in the 2nd and 3rd innings scoring 8 runs on 7 hits. Shanley Williams, Madison Walker, Kaitlyn Peavy, and Allyson Pettit all had a single while Jordyn Lane had a double and Loren Young had 2 doubles over the two innings.  Lindsey Marlar had a single in the 2nd inning for the Lady Hounds.

Kelsey Carraway would knock in a run for the Hounds in the 4th inning scoring Anna Madden. Amber Cockrell also picked up a single in the 4th inning for the Greyhounds.  The Lady Bulldogs would answer with a solo homerun for Brenna Ivy followed by a hit from Shanley Williams who would score on a Sac fly hit by Kaitlyn Peavy.

Kaitlyn Peavy took the win for the Lady Bulldogs on the rubber. She went four innings, allowing 4 hits and 1 run. Loren Young led the Lady Dogs going 3-3 with 2RBI, Shanley Williams went 2-4 with 2runs, Jordyn Lane went 2-3 with 1 RBI, Kaitlyn Peavy went 2-4 with 3 RBI, Madison Smith had 3 RBI, Allyson Pettit went 1-1 with 2RBI and Brenna Ivy 1-2 with 2RBI. 

Madison Strayhorn went 1-2, Lindsey Marlar and Amber Cockrell each went 1-1, Kelsey Carraway went 1-2, and Anna Madden scored a run for Newport.

Pictured are Lady Bulldogs (Back row) Head Coach Matt Dillon, Reagan Washam, Brenna Ivy, Loren Young, Jordyn Lane, Kaitlyn Peavy, Allyson Pettit, Madison Walker, and Coach Debbie Skaggs (Front row) Team Manager- Lexi Tague, Shanley Williams, Claire Dilday, Madison Smith, Emily Owens, and Abigail Dixon.